River Lune

River Lune at Crook o ' Lune

The River Lune in northwest England arises from the confluence of the Sandwath Beck and the Beck Weasedale east of Ravenstonedale in Cumbria. After 71 km the river flows near Lancaster in the Morecambe Bay and thus into the Irish Sea.

The upper reaches of the Lune, between its source and Tebay, Lunesdale is called. The Lune then enters the valley of the Lune Gorge, in the highway and the railway line West Coast Main Line are. The section to which expands the valley, is known as Lonsdale.

About 8 km upstream of the city of Lancaster, through which the river flows, there is a section of the river, known as the Crook o ' Lune and was painted by J. M. W. Turner. The river here makes only a 180 degree turn to the right and then a 90 degree turn to the left. The shape of the river is therefore similar to a shepherd's crook (English crook ).

From the weir Weir Skerten in Lancaster, the flow of the tides is affected. Nevertheless, a harbor, which probably was in Lancaster since the Roman period, 1750-1767 with the St. George's Quay and New Quay has been removed. 1779 harbor at Glasson Dock was extended again, as this place is closer to the Morecambe Bay.

Tributaries of the River Lune

  • Janson Pool ( drained Glasson Marsh near Glasson Dock)
  • Woodbridge Pool ( drained Lades Marsh near Sunderland Point)
  • Lades Pool ( drained Lades Marsh, at Overton, Lancashire )
  • Chapel pool (east of Overton )
  • River Conder
  • Colloway pool ( at Stodday )
  • Peggy Marsh Pool
  • Oxcliffe Pool
  • Newton Beck ( at Newton in Lancaster)
  • Howgill Brook (beit Beaumont in Lancaster)
  • Denny Beck ( at Halton )
  • Halton Green Beck Monkley Gill Beck
  • Dey Beck
  • Foxdale Beck Crossgill Beck
  • Ragill Beck Closegill Beck
  • Sweet Beck
  • Bellshill Clough
  • Oval Syke
  • Highfield Beck
  • Tarn Brook Traitor's Gill
  • Barncroft Beck
  • Farleton Beck
  • Hunt's Gill Beck
  • Fen Beck
  • Fell Beck ( disappears into the Gaping Gill and is in the Ingleborough Cave to Clapham Beck)
  • High Dam Beck
  • Leak Beck
  • Sellet Mill Beck
  • Barbon Beck Aygill Hazel Sike
  • Brow Gill
  • Wrestle Gill
  • Rawthey Gill Haskhaw Gill
  • Grisedale Beck
  • Bram Rigg Beck
  • Calf Beck
  • Long Rigg Beck
  • Crookdale Beck
  • Birk Beck Breth Patterdale Beck
  • Wasdale Beck
  • Churngill Beck Udale Beck
  • Pinksey bottom
  • Greenside Beck
  • Dale Gill