River Somme

Course of the Somme

The Somme

The Somme is a river in the Picardie region of northern France. It rises in Fonsomme at Saint- Quentin and flows after 245 kilometers in the Bay of Somme (French Baie de Somme ) between Le Crotoy and Saint -Valery -sur -Somme in the English Channel. On its way it flows first through the Aisne and then named after her Somme.


The name Somme goes back to Celtic origins. The Romans called the river Samara. The Somme was known worldwide by the Battle of the Somme, with at least a million dead and wounded one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War.


The Somme is passable through various canals from the mouth to Saint -Simon with ships:

The navigable route has connection to the Canal du Nord and the Canal de Saint- Quentin.


Left tributaries:

  • Unitingon
  • Avre
  • Selle
  • Saint -Landon
  • Airaines
  • Amboise

Rights tributaries:

  • Omignon
  • Cologne
  • Tortille
  • Ancre
  • Hallue
  • Nièvre
  • Scardon

Places on the river

  • Fonsomme
  • Saint- Quentin
  • Saint -Simon
  • Peronne
  • Corbie
  • Amiens
  • Abbeville
  • Saint -Valery -sur -Somme