Rivierenbuurt (Amsterdam)

The Rivierenbuurt ( German: River District) is a neighborhood in Amsterdam South ( North Holland ).


In the 1920s and 1930s, the Rivierenbuurt was applied and was part of "Plan Zuid " (Plan South) by the Dutch architect HP. Berlage Berlage's plan of 1905 was partially carried out and 1915 he handed the second 'Plan Zuid ' at the request of a community with the facilities: hospital, church, schools, fewer green spaces, university and fire station. This plan was then implemented, not only in the Rivierenbuurt, even in the then district Amsterdam-Centrum.

On the east side of the residential area since 1934 Berlagebrug ( " Berlage Bridge") over the river Amstel. On 7 May 1945, the Canadian Forces came across this bridge to Amsterdam to liberate the city from the Nazis. Place the Westerschelde Plein 1958 was renamed to Europe Square, the RAI Convention Centre. At the South Rim of the Rivierenbuurt is the " President Kennedylaan ", formerly " Rivierenlaan " and the Martin Luther King Park. Since 1 May 2010, the new classification of districts and thus the residential district in Amsterdam, is the Rivierenbuurt part of Amsterdam South. The trams No. 4, 12, and 25 driving through the neighborhood.

Near the shopping street " Scheldestraat " There are six schools and the Mirandabad and the cemetery Zorgvlied. The Rivierenbuurt is again divided into the neighborhood district Remisebuurt, IJsselbuurt ( with 2309 inhabitants in IJsselbuurt West and in IJsselbuurt Oost 2838 ), Scheldebuurt ( with 4212 inhabitants in Scheldebuurt West, Scheldebuurt Midden 3149 and in Scheldebuurt Oost 2221 ), Weteringbuurt Zuid, Wielingerbuurt and Wolkenkrapperbuurt.

In the 1930s, many Jews had fled from Germany to the Netherlands to escape the reprisals by the Nazis. The former Dutch government decided only to take in Jewish refugees " direct danger to life " that were and they were allowed the Dutch not entail any cost. At the outbreak of World War II were in Amsterdam around 80,000 Jewish inhabitants, of whom lived a considerable part in the Rivierenbuurt, among them Anne Frank.