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Rize ( Laz: Rizini / რიზინი ) is a northeastern Turkish city on the Black Sea and is located at the foot of Kaçkar Mountains, the easternmost and highest part of Pontic Mountains at an altitude between 80 and 160 meters. It is the capital of the province of Rize. The border with Georgia is about 120 km away.

The name could possibly from the Greek ριζά - Rizá = derived " under the mountain ".


The city's history dates back several millennia. The Rhizous by the Greeks (Greek Ῥιζοῦς, latin Rhizus, German Rhizäum ) called the city belonged to the ancient region of Colchis. It was part of several kingdoms such as Urartu, Lasika, Georgia, Byzantium, Pontos and the Empire of Trebizond. In 1461 it was conquered by the Turkish Ottomans under Sultan Mehmed II and became the capital of Sanjak Lazistan. During the First World War, the Russian army entered on March 4, 1916 after a successful landing in Rize. After two years, the city was again awarded to Turkey in the Treaty of Brest- Litovsk with Soviet Russia.

Populated, the eastern part of the province, especially from the South Caucasian people of the hydrolases, which are entered in the 16th century by the Georgian Orthodox faith to Islam and today mainly incorporated into the Turkish state structure.

The historically oldest building in the city is the Rize Kalesi (Castle of Rize ) with the extending partially or to the beach wall. The plants have been around 550 AD in the time of Justinian I to protect against the Persians built and some are still in good condition.

Outside the city center there are many other, mostly smaller castles.

Other historically significant buildings from the Ottoman period in the city center are some mosques.

The Rize Atatürk Evi Müzesi ( Atatürkhaus Museum) and the Rize Müzesi are two small museums in the city.

Economy, science and education

As early as Byzantine times Rize was known for its textile products made ​​of linen and hemp fibers. You are in Turkey today known as Rize Bezi ( Rize - cloth ). " ... But especially embroidered dresses and buntfärbige witness linen of Rhizäum possessed a high degree of workmanship " described the Austrian orientalist Jacob Philipp Fallmerayer about the times of the Empire of Trebizond. Presumably, this skill goes even further back to the pre-Christian times of Colchis, which were very famous for their products from canvas fabric.

With the increase in mass production in the textile industry in Turkey since the 1980s however, most crafts shops have had to close in Rize.

Founded in 2006, Recep Tayyip - Erdogan - University has its registered office and the main campus in the city of Rize. Some areas are located in the provincial districts of Pazar, Ardeşen, Fındıklı and Güneysu.

The tea, including cultivation, processing and marketing, is the main source of income of the city and the province of Rize.

The largest employer in the city and the province of Rize is Çay Isletmeleri Genel Müdürlüğü ( Çaykur - Directorate-General for tea plants ), headquartered in the city of Rize. This state-owned company was founded in 1982 and has the previous state enterprises Çay Kurumu Genel Müdürlüğü taken (Directorate General for Teebehörde ). Çaykur employed mainly in the provinces of Rize, Trabzon and Artvin in over 50 locations (mostly tea factories ) approximately 16,500 employees.

Çaykur is the largest producer of tea products in Turkey. Besides Çaykur also have many private companies such as Unilever Lipton, Doğuş Çay and many other their tea plants in and around Rize.


The temperate climate of this region is extremely mild and rainy. With an annual rainfall of 2245 mm average per square meter Rize is the city with the most rainfall in Turkey.


  • Rize Kalesi (Castle of Rize )
  • Çaykur Tea Museum
  • Rize Ziraat Parkı - Botany Çay Bahçesi ( Rize botanical tea garden )
  • Anzer Yaylası ( Anzer Alm )
  • Rize Şahin Tepesi ( panoramic hill above the city )


The football club Çaykur Rizespor played 2012-2013 in the second highest Turkish football league, the Bank Asya 1 Lig home games in the stadium, see Rize instead.

After climbing Çaykur Rizespor plays 2013-2014 in the highest Turkish football league Spor Toto Süper Lig


  • Zafer Biryol, football player
  • Yasin Cakmak, football player
  • Davut Güloğlu, musician and actor
  • Fahri Tatan, football player
  • Koksal Toptan, Parliament President
  • Ismail Türüt, singer and entertainer
  • Mehmet Akif Pirim, Olympic gold medalist in wrestling
  • Tarkan Tevetoğlu, international Turkish pop singer