RMA comes as a shortcut in different areas:

  • Rate Monotonic Analysis (real -time operating systems )
  • Smoke detection system, fire detectors see
  • Naval Office, in the Navy and as a ministry of the German Empire
  • Relationship Management Automation
  • Relative market share
  • Remote Management Agent, in the IT system management
  • Resource Management Act by the New Zealand environmental law
  • Revolution in Military Affairs, the military and the Historical Sciences
  • Margin Analysis Risk &
  • RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization, a return number for goods
  • Royal Malta Artillery
  • Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, was closed in 1939

RMA stands for the following companies:

  • RMA Rheinau GmbH & Co. KG, a German manufacturer of pipeline valves and former automobile manufacturers
  • Regional Media Austria
  • Rockabilly Motorcycle Association
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  • Abbreviation