RMC (France)

RMC ( Radio Monte Carlo ) is a French-language radio stations. It is broadcast in analogue terrestrial in Monaco and France. The station took on July 1, 1943, the transmission mode and is the second oldest private channel in Europe. The current owners are 83.33 % and 16.67% NextRadioTV the Principality of Monaco.

There are also stations in various countries with the name of RMC, these are but legally unrelated to NextRadioTV.


RMC took on July 1, 1943 to send mode. The German troops wanted a propaganda radio in the south of France. It was operated by the Radio Company Sofira. After the occupation of the French Republic became 83.33 % and the Principality of Monaco to 16.67 % owner. In 1974, the construction work was completed for a large transmitter in Roumoules. In the same year RMC his program began to spread from there. 1998 sold its share of the French Republic to Groupe Fabre. Two years later, sold its stake in Groupe Fabre NextRadioTV. 2001 RMC renamed in RMC Info. They began to focus more on news programs and talk shows. A year later, the renaming was reversed. RMC had acquired several sports rights and transfers since the World Cup and Formula 1

Current moderators

  • Jean -Michel Larqué, sports journalist
  • Luis Fernandez, football coach
  • Bernard Laporte, rugby coaches
  • Vincent Moscato, former rugby player

Former moderators

  • Jean -Luc Reichmann, now at TF1 and RFM
  • Jean -Pierre Foucault, now at TF1 and RTL
  • Julien Courbet, now in France 2 and RTL
  • Julien Lepers, now in France 3