RMF FM (Radio Muzyka Fakty FM) is a private radio station Polish Grupa RMF, a subsidiary of Krakow Bauer Publishing Group. It was founded in 1990 by Stanisław Tyczynski under the name Radio Malopolska fun as the first Polish private radio. It is distributed nationwide.


The station plays mostly a supporting program of pop and rock music, supplemented by focus broadcasts. Important programs are the charts POPLista, the morning show wolno wstać ( "slow up " ) and the newscast Fakty RMF FM. More styles will be covered by the broker - FM stations RMF Maxxx and RMF Classic, as well as from the numerous internet broadcasts.

The market share of the station in 2011 was 25.39 percent.


RMF FM is nationally broadcast via antenna in Poland. In addition, the transmitter via Internet stream and digitally via satellite can be received (via Hot Bird since 1992).

Internet programs

Under the title RMF ON 100 Internet stations are available, covering almost every conceivable music genre. For example, there are oldies stations for each decade (from the 50s ), partly also for Dance and Disco, transmitter from classical to alternative, Poezja śpiewana and electronic music to various dance styles, themes (eg Christmas music) or cultures (Cuba, Celtic) etc.

Concert series Inwazja mocy

RMF FM was the organizer of the open- air concerts Inwazja mocy on the hill Kościuszko in Kraków in 1995 to 2000. Festival in 2000, among others Joe Cocker and the Scorpions was depending on the estimate of around 700,000 to nearly 800,000 visitors the largest outdoor event in Polish history, it has, however, led to major riots by hooligans.