RMI Corporation

Raza Microelectronics (short: RMI) is a privately held company that develops processors. The company was founded by Atiq Raza, the founder of NexGen and former COO of AMD, in 2002 and is headquartered in Cupertino, California. In December 2007, the company name of Raza Microelectronics has been changed in RMI Corporation.

Partnership with AMD

On 13 June 2006 decided RMI and AMD into a strategic partnership, which involves the transfer of Alchemy processor family from AMD to RMI. Thus, RMI will be responsible for the future development of Alchemy family, while AMD will sell the processors to be under his own name.


  • Alchemy: MIPS32 - compatible processors
  • Orion: processors for SONET / SDH applications
  • Pegasus: processors for SONET / SDH applications
  • XL: MIPS64 -compatible Thread Processors
  • XLR: MIPS64 -compatible Thread Processors