RMON ( Remote Monitoring ) is a standard to raise in network- enabled devices, statistical data, to store them in databases and retrieve data on access ( network management).

  • Standard RMON: Basic data (monitoring layers 1 and 2 in the OSI model )
  • RMON2: Network performance data (monitoring all seven layers in the OSI model )

RMON is an extension to the Simple Network Management Protocol MIB (Management Information Base). Details were defined by the IETF in RFC 2819 and RFC 2021.

RMON defines an RMON - MIB, which the MIB II supplements and the Network Manager provides essential information about the network. The most remarkable thing RMON is the fact that although it is just the specification of a MIB, no changes to the underlying protocol carries out, but significantly extends the SNMP functionality.

The RMON standard was originally defined in RFC 1271 and was extended in RFC 1757 and RFC 2819. Its purpose is to provide proactive monitoring and diagnostic functions for distributed LANs.

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