RMS Baltic (1903)

Postcard of the Baltic

The RMS Baltic (II ) was a passenger ship of the British shipping company White Star Line. At the time of entry into service in June 1904 she was the largest ship in the world.

Ship life

The RMS Baltic was built at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, where she has been left on 21 November 1903 water. She entered on June 29, 1904 on her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York.

On January 23, 1909, she rescued the survivors of the White Star liner RMS Republic, which had collided in thick fog with the Italian passenger steamer Florida and sank in about 36 hours. The Florida was fortunate enough to continue their journey.

In addition, she was involved in the December 6, 1929 in the rescue of the castaways of the schooner Northern Light.

During the First World War, the Baltic served as a troop transport. Subsequently, she was reinstated to her regular route from Liverpool to New York.

On February 17, 1933, she went to Osaka in Japan, where it was scrapped after nearly 30 years of service.

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