Roadhouse (facility)

The term Roadhouse (Road House ) is widely used in English-speaking countries for rest stops. Depending on the country, different forms of these service areas and rest houses have emerged historically and varies according to regional conditions. In the broadest sense, is service areas, which are now to be compared with West German motorway service areas, although this is quite considerable differences in the countries listed below.


A Roadhouse in Australia is in the broadest sense, a service area, which includes a gas station and car repair shop with an attached restaurant or cafe. These roadhouses have settled on highways between cities for the transit of trucks, buses and automobiles. In the restaurants or cafes warm meal for the traveler is offered and they offer due to the lack of infrastructure in sparsely populated areas often accommodation in motels or campgrounds connected to.

U.S. and Canada

In the U.S. and Canada is a roadhouse roadhouse or a restaurant or restaurant, serving the food, especially in the evening. Most often, these service centers also have a bar and offer music and dance and also opportunities for winning games. Most houses are like in Australia along the highways outside of the cities. Previously offered the roadhouses also accommodation, nowadays this is becoming less and less the case.

Alaska and Yukon

In Alaska and the Yukon River Road Houses have been since 1890. Than stations for sled dogs, horses, snowshoeing and skiers and hikers who were looking for a place to stay for a warm meal and overnight On the Klondike Highway, some of these historic roadhouses have been preserved. Nowadays, the roadhouses of Alaska are comparable to those in the U.S. and Canada.

Culture: songs and movies

The roadhouses were sung in many songs, as with, for example, of the rock group The Doors in 1969 at the Roadhouse Blues or Single 1990, Lone Star Roadhouse, Mick Taylor, also come roadhouses in many Anglo-American films, such as in The Wild Marlon Brando and Easy Rider with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper before.

Several movies have a reference to the roadhouse, so Roadhouse with Richard Widmark 1948, Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze in 1989 and its sequel Roadhouse 2 of 2006. Moreover, there is the action movie Roadhouse 66 1984 with Willem Dafoe.

In the U.S., is a roadhouse band.

Many of the roadhouses are well on scenic sections of roads in each country.


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