Rob Thomas (writer)

Rob Thomas ( born August 15, 1965 in Sunnyside, Washington) is an American writer, screenwriter and television producer, known for his book Rats Saw God and creator of the U.S. television series Veronica Mars.

Life and career

Thomas was born on August 15, 1965 in Sunnyside, Washington. With ten years his family moved to Texas, where he graduated from high school in San Marcos in 1983. In 1987 he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's degree in historical sciences. With his partner Katie Orr he has a daughter, Greta Mae, who was born on 24 March 2005. She now lives and works in Los Angeles Thomas, California.

Prior to the writing of children and young people 's literature turned to, taught Thomas journalism courses at the high school, worked as an advisor for the student newspaper of the University of Texas and worked for the University TV station Channel One News. This experience inspired his novel Satellite Down.

His first experience as a screenwriter for television made ​​Thomas, 1996 in the animated series Space Ghost Coast to Coast. During the first season of the series Dawson 's Creek, Thomas was on the staff of the screenwriters. Thereafter, he developed and produced the short-lived but critically acclaimed, TV series Cupid. In 2004, Thomas finally made ​​a breakthrough with the developed and produced by him UPN television series Veronica Mars, which was canceled after the third season. For ABC, he worked on a remake of his series Cupid, which eventually aired from March to June 2009 but was then dropped off.

In March 2014, the movie Veronica Mars was released, continuing the series. Thomas served in this project as a producer, screenwriter and director.


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