Robby Naish

Robby Naish ( born April 23, 1963 in La Jolla, California as Robert Staunton Naish ) is multiple world champion in windsurfing.

Kailua on the Hawaiian island of Oahu grew up, Robby Naish began with eight years with surfing, before he started at the age of eleven years with the stand up sailing. In 1976, he won with 13 at the World Championships in the Bahamas its first World Cup title and became the youngest world champion of all time.


His father Rick Naish was a surfer in 1959, the largest then known waves in Waimea Bay abritt and was portrayed in the first issue of the magazine " surfer ". Rick has three other children with Carol Naish. Robby Naish is married and has two daughters (* 1983 and * 2007).

With the sail number US -1111 he was a total of 24 times windsurf world champion. He is considered a pioneer of windsurfing and was instrumental in the development of shorter surfboards. Other innovations were the viewing window in the sail, the foot straps and harness.

Next, he started kitesurfing and the 1998 World Champion in slalom and in the following year world champion in slalom and jump competition. Also in this sport, he has influenced the development of the material significantly. Naish 2001, with 70.37 km / h ( 38.4 knots) before Gran Canaria a new world speed record for kite- surfing. After 16 years, Naish 2001 moved back from the professional sports and was incorporated on 5 November 2002 with Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer in the Hall of Fame of the Professional Windsurfers Association ( PWA).

He is one of the few people who windsurf in the giant waves of Jaws, off the north coast of Maui. Robby Naish speaks very good German and belongs to the Jury Committee of the Laureus World Sports Awards at.

After 1979, the windsurf board production had outgrown the " garage company " scale, Rick Naish Hawaii Ltd. founded. the first only windsurf boards manufactured with the know -how of Robby. In 1999, Robby Naish his first company " Naishsails ". Its now three companies manufacture products for wind - and kite- and Stand Up Paddle Surfing.

2013 gave the now 50 -year-old Naish, who has deliberately not celebrated his birthday on the edge of 30 Windsurf World Cup Sylt a short comeback on the tour of professionals known. He launched after 12 -year break in his native Maui at PWA Aloha Classic Tour Competition 2013 Hookipa with a wildcard, reaching a shared 17th place with a total of 32 participants.


  • World champion in windsurfing from 1976-1979 and 1983-1987 ( before the establishment of the PWA)
  • PWA Wave World Champion 1988 89 and 1991
  • 1998 and 1999 World Champion in slalom kitesurfing
  • 1999 world champion in kitesurfing jump competition
  • 2001 world speed record for kite surfing


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