Robert Charles Wickliffe

Robert Charles Wickliffe ( born May 1, 1874 in Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky, † June 11 1912 in Washington DC ) was an American politician. Between 1909 and 1912 he represented the state of Louisiana in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Robert Wickliffe was a grandson of Charles A. Wickliffe (1788-1869), the U.S. Postmaster General and Governor and Congressman from Kentucky was. He was also a cousin of JCW Beckham (1869-1940), who was sitting 1915-1921 for Kentucky in the U.S. Senate. Robert Wickliffe attended the public schools in St. Francisville (Louisiana ). Then he studied until 1895 at Centre College in Danville (Kentucky). After a subsequent Jurastudiuman at Tulane University in New Orleans and its made ​​in 1897 admitted to the bar he began to work in his new profession from 1898 in St. Francisville.

Politically, Wickliffe joined the Democratic Party. In 1898 he was a member of a meeting on the revision of the Constitution of Louisiana. In the Spanish-American War, he took part as a soldier in an infantry unit from Louisiana. Between 1902 and 1906 was Wickliffe District Attorney in the 24th Judicial District of Louisiana. In the congressional elections of 1908, he was elected in the sixth electoral district of Louisiana in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington. There he entered on March 4, 1909, the successor of George K. Favrot. After a re-election, he could remain until his death on June 11, 1912 in Congress. Robert Wickliffe died in an accident, as he crossed a railroad bridge in Washington and was hit by a train.