Robert Cushman Murphy

Robert Cushman Murphy ( born April 29, 1887 in Brooklyn, † March 20, 1973 at Stony Brook ) was an American ornithologist and temporarily in charge of bird curator at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York and studied at Brown University. During his academic career he published 600 papers. Two of his most famous works are Logbook for Grace; Whaling Brig Daisy, 1912-1913 and Oceanic Birds of South America. Murphy scored during the shark attacks off the coast of New Jersey ( 1916) to the scientists who contributed significantly to the identification of candidate species of shark.

After his retirement, he worked together with other citizens of Long Iceland it to complicate the use of DDT. In some of his papers, he took the testimony of Rachel Carson anticipated, but failed to match their influence.


He wrote the monumental work of Oceanic Birds of South America, for which he was awarded the William Brewster Medal, and the John Burroughs Medal.