Robert de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester

Robert de Beaumont ( 1040-1050 *, † June 5, 1118 ) was the Count of Meulan ( France ) and 1st Earl of Leicester (in England) one of the most powerful nobles in both states. Chroniclers describe him as an eloquent and well-educated man, whose advice was appreciated by three kings of England.


Robert de Beaumont was the eldest son of Roger de Beaumont and Adeline de Meulan, daughter of Waleran III Count. of Meulan, and the older brother of Henry de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Warwick. He accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066 to England, where his service earned him more than 91 titles and possessions. In the battle of Hastings, he was the commander of the infantry on the right wing.

When his mother died in 1081, he inherited the county of Meulan in Normandy as well as the title of Viscount Ivry and one Lord Norton. He paid homage to the French King Philip I, and sat as a French nobleman in the Parlement, which met in Poissy.

He and his brother Henry were participants in the royal hunting party in the New Forest, arrived at the King William II on August 2, 1100 under suspicious circumstances to death. He then paid homage to his brother Henry I, who in 1107 appointed him to the Earl of Leicester.

After the death of William II William, Count of Evreux and Ralph de Conches fell with great success in Roberts Norman possessions one under the pretext by a piece of advice he had given to the king to have suffered injustice.

Robert de Beaumont married in 1096 which at the time only 9 or 11 year old Elizabeth of Vermandois, daughter of Hugh of Vermandois and Adelaide of Vermandois, with whom he (from 1102) had three sons and six daughters, including the 1104 -born Beaumont- twins Waleran de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Worcester, and Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester, and Hugh de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Bedford and Isabel de Beaumont, later mistress of King Henry I

The marriage went to 15 to 20 years apart, Robert and Elisabeth separated or were even divorced. Elizabeth went into a relationship with William de Warenne, the later 2nd Earl of Surrey, who kidnapped 1115.

According to the chronicler Henry of Huntingdon, Robert died in 1118 at the disgrace after him " a certain Count had his wife kidnapped either by intrigue or by force and cunning " - after Robert's death Elizabeth and William were able to marry.


The children of Robert and Elizabeth were:

  • Emma de Beaumont (* 1102); she was betrothed as a child with Amaury, nephew of William, Count of Evreux, the marriage was not closed; it is not known whether she died young or became a nun.
  • Waleran de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Worcester, Count of Meulan (* 1104) - Descendants
  • Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester (* 1104) - descendants, including his granddaughter Isabelle de Clare, Countess of Gloucester, the first wife of King John.
  • Hugh de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Bedford (c. 1106), who lost his county again - Descendants
  • Adeline de Beaumont (c. 1107 ),
  • Aubrée (or Alberée ) de Beaumont (c. 1109 ), ∞ Hugh II of Châteauneuf -en- Thimerais (perhaps a son of Hugh I of Châteauneuf -en- Thimerais and Mabille de Montgomerie, the second daughter of Roger de Montgomerie, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury )
  • Matilda de Beaumont (c. 1111), ∞ William Lovel, or Louvel Lupel, son of Ascelin Goel, Mr. Ivry.
  • Isabel de Beaumont (c. 1113 ), the mistress of Henry I.;
  • Agnes de Beaumont (* 1115 ), ∞ Guillaume, Sire de Say.