Robert F. Broussard

Robert Foligny Broussard (* August 17 1864 in New Iberia, Louisiana, † April 12, 1918 in New Iberia ) was an American politician (Democratic Party), who represented the state of Louisiana in both chambers of Congress.

Robert Broussard was born on the Mary Louise plantation in Iberia Parish. He attended as a boy, both public and private schools, before 1879 to 1882 to study at Georgetown University in Washington DC completed. Between 1885 and 1888 he worked as a customs inspector with responsibility for late shifts in New Orleans; after which he was appointed official statisticians and remained so until 1889. This year he made ​​his law degree from the Law School of Tulane University, was admitted to the Bar Association and began to practice in his new profession in New Iberia. From 1892 to 1897 he was a prosecutor in the 19th Judicial District of Louisiana.

Finally, Broussard went in a political career. In 1896 he was first elected as a representative of the third district of Louisiana House of Representatives of the United States, where he remained eight times re-election to March 3, 1915. During this time he stood in front of, among others, the Committee for the control of expenditure of the Ministry of Justice. In 1914 he not applied for the re-election and instead ran for one of the two seats of his state in the U.S. Senate. After successful election, he took this one from March 4, 1915, and thereafter served among others as Chairman of the Committee on National Banks. However, he died three years later during a visit to his hometown of New Iberia, where he was also buried.

After Walter Guion and the victorious in the election Edward James Gay provisionally established as the successor of the Class 3 Senate seat fell at the next regular election in 1920 to Robert Broussard's brother Edwin.