Robert Knud Friedrich Pilger

Robert Knud Friedrich pilgrims ( born July 3, 1876 Helgoland, † January 9, 1953 in Berlin) was a German botanist. His botanical author abbreviation is " Pilg. ".

Pilgrim was at the Botanical Museum in Berlin where he ran this after the Second World War by 1945 until 1950. For the plant The plant kingdom by Adolf Engler he wore in 1903 " Taxaceae " in 1937 " Plantaginaceae ". For Engler, together with Carl Prantl out a given plant The natural plant families he steered for the 2nd edition several sections at: 1925 " Caryocaraceae, Bixaceae, Cochlospermaceae " 1926 " gymnosperms, Cycadaceae, Ginkgoaceae, Coniferae, Taxaceae, Podocarpaceae, Araucariaceae, Cephalotaxaceae, Pinaceae, Taxodiaceae, Cupressaceae, " 1930" Mayacaceae, Thurniaceae, Rapateaceae, Phylidraceae " 1935" Santalaceae " 1940 " Gramineae Panicoideae "and 1956 " Gramineae Micrairoideae, Eragrostioideae, Oryzoideae, Olyroideae ".

The plant genera Pilgerochloa Eig. from the family of grasses ( Poaceae ) and Pilgerodendron from the family of cypress family ( Cupressaceae ) have been named in his honor.


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