Robert Nuck

Robert Nuck ( born January 6, 1983 in Radebeul ) is a German canoeist.

Nuck began in 1992 with the sporting community of Leipzig Transport the Canadians driving. There he remained until 2001 and then started for the SC DHfK Leipzig, where he was later trained by national coach Kay Vesely.

In 1999, he was the one-man canoe (C1) over 500 m junior world champion, four-man canoe (C4 ), he won over 1000m bronze medal. A year later, he won silver in the two - Canadians (C2 ) at the Junior European Championships. 2001 started Nuck again at the Junior World Championships, winning gold in the two above 1000 m and 500 m was second in the one and four. Because of a positive doping test after smoking a joint Nuck in 2002 suspended for six months. In March 2003, he did not come because of renewed Kiffens another doping test, after which he was excluded by March 2005 from all competitions.

In 2005 he first came to at a European Championship and won in four over 1000m gold. About 500 m and 200 m, he finished third in the four-man canoe. In the Canoe World Championships in 2005, he joined also, via three routes, in four to. Bronze he won over 1000 m, 500 m and 200 m, he came in fourth place. In 2006 he won at European and World Championships in each case the title in the C4 than 1000 m, and with Stefan Holtz silver in C2 than 500 m. 2007 was Nucks best EM result of the bronze medal in the C4 than 500 m. The Canoe Sprint World Championships in Duisburg in 2007 brought Nuck two more silver medals in the four-man canoe over 1000 m and 500 m.

Since he could find in his Leipzig club no two partners, the sport soldier moved in spring 2009 for a year to the Rhine brothers Karlsruhe, for the Stefan Holtz started. The Canoe Racing Championships 2009 Nuck and Holtz brought in C2 the title over 500 meters and bronze over 200m and won together with Sebastian Brendel and Chris Wend behind Russia silver with the C1 Season 4 times 200 m. In the same year, the duo was able to repeat at the World Championships the same results over 500 m and 200 m, while it was only enough for a fourth place in the season. Robert Nuck is at the federal police since 2009. After his return to Leipzig he had to stop in the 2010 season due to injury. On 1 January 2011 also changed Stefan Holtz of Karlsruhe SC DHfK Leipzig to again in 2011 to train with Nuck together. The duo could not qualify with an eighth place above 1000 m in the qualifying race in early April 2011 in Duisburg for the European Championships in 2011 and was subsequently dissolved. With his new partner Erik Leue the health ailing Nuck could not prevail against the duo consisting of Stefan Holtz and Tomasz Wylenzek in the World Cup qualifiers.


  • World Championships: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
  • European Championships: 2x gold, 1 silver, 3x Bronze
  • World Junior Championships: 2x gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze
  • European Junior Championships: 1x Silver