Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli (* November 15, 1940 in Florence ) is an Italian fashion designer and designer. The eponymous fashion company, which he founded in 1970, exists under his leadership to this day and is known internationally.


Roberto Cavalli was born the son of a surveyor in a coal mine in Santa Barbara Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni at Cavriglia in Tuscany. His father was shot to death on July 4, 1944 along with 72 other men of the village as part of a revenge attack by soldiers of the German Wehrmacht Division Hermann Göring, after attacks by the Italian Resistance,. Cavalli grew up in an arty environment; his maternal grandfather, Giuseppe Rossi, was a famous painter who belonged to the direction " macchiaioli " and whose paintings hang in the Uffizi.

Already in Cavalli's childhood, the social, imaginative and original side of his character was clear and he started early, taking an interest in the relationship between fashion and painting. In 1957 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. In his own print shop he operated material studies and experimenting with new techniques. His intellectual curiosity eventually led to him a patent for a revolutionary printing process filed in the 1960s on leather, so designs for other designers such as Krizia or Mario Valentino worked and eventually opened a small boutique in Saint- Tropez, where he among other things, his own creations prominent customers like Brigitte Bardot offered for sale. In the 1970s, Cavalli created using this technique his first patchwork, the well-received at the time of the hippie fashion and are still considered classics.

His company, Roberto Cavalli SpA, he founded in 1970 and showed his first designs in Paris. With the presentation of his fashion in the historic Sala Bianca in the Pitti Palace in Florence began his career in 1972. Cavalli was soon considered one of the most innovative designers of our time. His distinctive style, which is characterized among other things by colorful materials, daring evening dresses, the use of treated leather and so-called animal prints ( fabric prints in animal fur look, for example, in leopard or zebra pattern), and creativity make him a trendsetter. Critics of the Cavalli fashion, which also displeased the generous use of real fur, the creations, however, sometimes referred to as downright vulgar. After a heyday of the mid-1970s and less successful years in the 1980s, when a minimalist fashion was more and more popular, Cavalli was the latest in the 1990s, including Richly embellished jeans models from his Cavalli Jeans line, again the darling of the international jet set, as many singers and actors such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham and Elton John wore his creations. Similar to the family wore Versace to the eccentrically extravagant lifestyle at the Cavalli brand image of his company. His fashion presented a native of Florence until after 1994 at the internationally most renowned Milan fashion weeks.

1964 married Cavalli Silvanella Giannoni, with whom he has two children and from whom he was divorced in 1974. His second wife Eva Düringer (* 1959), a former Miss Austria, he met in 1977 at a Miss Universe competition in the Dominican Republic, where they he participated in as a candidate and as a juror, and married her in 1980., With whom he has three children.

The first U.S. Cavalli shop opened in 1999 on Madison Avenue in New York City its doors. Also in 1999 was the first fashion show for the men's collection roberto cavalli place in Milan, after the mid-1970s had already existed a short-lived men's line by Cavalli. In 2000, the range has been greatly expanded. There were added underwear, watches, eyewear and children's collections Angels and Devils. 2001, the second-line justcavalli was launched as a successor for Cavalli jeans to life. The bridge CLASS roberto cavalli collection was launched. In 2001, Cavalli was also responsible for the fashion show during the Life Ball in Vienna, the largest fundraising event for AIDS in Europe. The first own perfume for ladies, Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli, was released in 2002, since then there were numerous men's successor. In 2007, he created the stage outfits of the Spice Girls for their comeback tour. Moreover, he was in 2007 under the name " roberto cavalli @ H & M " 45 pieces of clothing for men and women for a low -priced collection for the Swedish fashion house H & M. 2008 was the roberto cavalli Newborn collection launched for small children. The online shop of the company was put into operation in 2009. 2010 roberto cavalli brand celebrated its 40th anniversary.

For roberto cavalli labels, and CLASS roberto cavalli justcavalli exist worldwide each company's specially -operated or contracted to franchisees stores and outlets, for example, a roberto cavalli Outlet in Ingolstadt Village. 2012 there were 77 roberto cavalli ( Main Collection ) shops, of which the company 33 business on their own world. In addition, there were 29 stores the label justcavalli and 20 of the line CLASS roberto cavalli and four shops especially for the children's fashion world. In addition, the collections are available in upscale retail world. The turnover of the company for the financial year to 176 million euros, with a net profit of 5.7 million euros.

Cavalli heard since 2001, Caffè Giacosa in Florence. Roberto's son, Tommaso Cavalli ( born 1968 ), operates under the brand Tenuta Degli Dei since the early 2000s the family winery in Tuscany and also distributes the vodka, his father launched in 2005 under the name roberto cavalli vodka. In Florence and in Dubai ( in the local Fairmont Hotel) there is ever a cavalli club with restaurant, bar and lounge. In Milan there with justcavalli Hollywood Restaurant Lounge. Further equipped Cavalli clubs and restaurants are planned. 2008 Roberto Cavalli designed a bottle design for Coca -Cola in animal fur look.


  • Roberto cavalli - high-priced main collection of clothing and accessories for men and women; the license for the men's fashion is awarded to Gibo SpA
  • Justcavalli - second-line with casual, youthful casual wear for men and women with a focus on denim; Succession line for Cavalli jeans; License awarded to Staff International SpA (formerly of Ittierre SpA)
  • Roberto cavalli CLASS - fashionable and elegant bridge line for men and women; License awarded to dressing SpA (formerly at Albisetti SpA)
  • Roberto cavalli roberto cavalli Angels and Devils - Kids collection each for girls ( Angels ) and boys (Devils ); License awarded to Simonetta SpA
  • Roberto cavalli home - Home Acccesoires and furnishings; Licenses assigned to different manufacturers in Italy
  • Roberto cavalli perfume - perfume for men and women; the license is located since 2012 at Coty Prestige ( formerly ICR - ITF)


  • 2006: Bambi