Robin Hood (1922 film)

  • Douglas Fairbanks: Earl of Huntingdon / Robin Hood
  • Wallace Beery: Richard the Lionheart
  • Sam De Grasse: Prince John
  • Enid Bennett: Lady Marian Fitzwalter
  • Paul Dickey: Sir Guy of Gisbourne
  • William Lowery: Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Roy Coulson: Jester
  • Billie Bennett: Lady Marian's servant
  • Merrill McCormick: Prince John's henchmen
  • Wilson Benge: Prince John's henchmen
  • Willard Louis: Friar Tuck
  • Alan Hale: Little John
  • Main Geary: Will Scarlet
  • Lloyd Talman: Allan -a- Dale

Robin Hood ( original Robin Hood) is an American adventure film directed by Allan Dwan from 1922.


The Earl of Huntingdon is currently with King Richard the Lionheart on the Third Crusade, when he receives from Lady Marian the news that the King's brother, Prince John tries to usurp the throne. He asked the king to allow him to return to England, but the king refused him permission and considers him a coward. An attempt to return to England without permission is thwarted by Guy of Gisborne and Huntingdon is thrown into the dungeon. When he finally manages to escape to England, he learns that he was declared an outlaw. He joins the outlaws in Sherwood Forrest, is their leader and fight Prince John. He succeeds Lady Marian to break free from their prison and Guy of Gisborne to kill, but he is taken prisoner. King Richard returns on time and ensures law and order.


  • The costumes were designed by Mitchell Leisen. The film cost at the end, including the cost of release prints, 1,400,000 U.S. dollars ( 19.521 million euros ). This was for those days an immense sum, but the film played 2,500,000 U.S. dollars ( 34.859 million euros ). The backdrop for the castle was a tourist attraction in Hollywood and was said to be greater than the real role models for castles from this period. The castle was located at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea.
  • Grauman's Egyptian Theatre was opened with the screening of Robin Hood.
  • 1922, the film received the Photoplay Award for Best Picture.


Andrew James Johnston 2013: "Of all the major Robin Hood films is that of the Fairy tale and childlike. "