Robin Wood (environmental organisation)

Robin Wood, full name Robin Wood - Nonviolent Action Community for nature and the environment, is a German environmental and conservation organization.


It was founded on 12 November 1982 by a dozen environmental activists in Bremen. The name is inspired by the figure of Robin Hood: Instead of Robin Hood as " Story of Jesse James " Robin Wood described as " the avenger of leafless ". To be able to devote more attention to topics deforestation and acid rain, they left then Greenpeace. Over time, other topics were added, so that Robin Wood today thematically divided into four thematic units forest, tropical forests, energy and transport. Robin Wood sees itself as a grassroots nonviolent action community.

Two activists from the environmental organization Robin Wood were invited in November 2010 because of their track blockade to pay a total of € 8,450. A criminal procedure would be examined. As a legal basis for the collection of costs lacking, the Administrative Court of Schleswig picked up the appropriate fees decisions of the federal police headquarters in Bad Bramstedt on 17 December 2013.


The association is a non profit organization, funded largely by donations and membership fees. He has been in Germany about 1,400 voting members and about 3,500 supporting members. Currently, there are regional groups of different size and activity in about ten cities and regions. A total of twelve permanent employees working in the Federal office (Bremen), the editorial office ( Schwedt ) and the press office including specialized units (Hamburg). Of the voting members of the association of the regional groups as well as the employees perceive their statutory guarantee of the right to elect representatives to the Assembly of Delegates. Several times a year to assemble these elected delegates to decide on policy and activities of the association - in this case the principle of consensus is sought.

Actions and campaigns

The focus of the work of Robin Wood on measures to improve the conditions criticized in nature by certain forms of public relations. Robin Wood attempts to through nonviolent actions in their opinion, the most pressing environmental problems in people's consciousness.

These actions include protests like that the climbing or occupation of buildings and the unveiling of banners, but also environmental education at public events or in schools. In addition, research and publications are published and issued quarterly, the ROBIN WOOD magazine. On a self-built raft, which was in recent years all over Germany, current topics are presented. In 2011, found a raft tour under the slogan With the current anti-nuclear - Stadtwerke nuclear- free! instead.

The actions, information booths, presentations and publications are partially supported by volunteer assets. The content of background work to provide the special interest groups with the support of expert speakers.

Current campaigns devoted to the background of paper production, the use of tropical wood for garden furniture or the destruction of tropical forests for oil palm monocultures. Robinwood be aware of its existing label as the Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC) promotes the use of recycled paper in particular in schools. In addition, Robin Wood currently operates an intensive exchange campaign for electricity customers. They demand the immediate phase out nuclear power and the development of renewable energies. They advertise for switching to one of the recommended green electricity provider. Currently they direct their protest also particularly against the many new coal-fired power plants that are planned in Germany.

They speak out against the privatization of Deutsche Bahn AG, the construction of the Transrapid and the comprehensive subsidization of air traffic. They also call for tough measures against particulate pollution.