Rochov ( German Rochow ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located eight kilometers south-east of Lovosice and belongs to Okres Litoměřice.


The village is located on the left side of the panel Bohemian Egertals. On the western edge the D8/Europastraße 55 highway takes you past the next exit " Doksany " is located in the southeast.

Neighboring towns are Brňany and Dolánky nad Ohri in the northeast, Brozany nad Ohri in the east, in the southeast Hostěnice, Chotěšov in the southwest, and Vrbičany Zadnà Ves in the west and Keblice in the northwest.


Rochov was first documented in 1219. Rochov belonged together with Hostěnice to rule Brozany nad Ohri, which acquired Litvinov of Karlstejn 1480 by Vladislav II. In 1502 it was sold to the Lords of Vřesovice that later Brozanský of Vřesovice called themselves. In the division of rule by Jiří Brozanský among his sons Zikmund and Jakub latter received 1544 Hostěnice and Rochov. Jakub Brozanský sold his share to his other brother Jindřich. 1558 was this part about the Zajíc of rabbit castle and in 1601 reunited by Johann Zbinco Hasenburg with the rule Brozany.

Local structure

For the community Rochov no districts are reported.