Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon

The Las Vegas Marathon is a marathon in Las Vegas, taking place since 1967. Since 1993, a half marathon is part of the program. Since 2009, the race is organized by the Competitor Group, which has incorporated it into their Rock ' n ' Roll Marathon Series.


By 2005, the run was held in January or February on a point - to-point course from Jean to Sunset Park in the south of the city.

2005, the organizer Al Boka sold the rights to the company Devine Racing, which introduced a circular route within the city in December of the same year. 2009 took over the Competitor Group the race.

On 7 December 2008, the extreme athlete Marcel Heinig ran his 200th marathon and ultramarathon as the world's youngest member of a " 100 Marathon Club".


Track records


  • Men: 2:11:58 h, Stephen Kiogora (KEN ), 2005
  • Women: 2:29:01 h, Silwija Skworzowa (RUS ), 2007

Half Marathon ( new course )

  • Men: 1:01:40 h, Bekana Daba (ETH ), 2009
  • Women: 1:10:55 h, Werknesh Kidane (ETH ), 2009

List of winners

Sources for results before 2005: former organizer's website ARRS


Half Marathon

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