Rock Against Bush

Rock Against Bush was a project by Fat Wreck Chords, the record label of NOFX singer Fat Mike and to the U.S. presidential elections in 2004, in which George W. Bush stood for re-election. There were two CD and DVD releases. Among the CDs contributed almost all well-known bands of the label a (mostly previously unreleased ) song, moreover, punk legends such as Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Pennywise, Sum 41, Rise Against, The Offspring and Green Day are represented.

Among the very large with 26 or 28 songs, compilations, each including a DVD of music videos in addition to some political comedy clips and information can be found. In the accompanying booklet has after an introduction by Fat Mike (Vol. I) or anti-Flag singer Justin Sane (Vol. II), each band represented a little space to convey alongside photographs or lyrics to the listener and a political message. The stated goal of Fat Wreck was to inform with these compilations young people about politics and move to dial.

"This compilation is not about making a profit: It's about making a difference " ( " In this compilation is not about making money. Aim is to make a difference " ) it said in the booklet of the first CD. The information is understandably somewhat one-sided, but also many Internet resources are called, where the listener can get more information.

Fierce criticism had to put up with Fat Mike of the band Propagandhi. The song Free John Hinkly the Canadian band was taken from the first sampler, as Propagandhi "international billionaire global financier, was - profiteer and all-around asswipe " in the liner notes George Soros designated. Fat Mike explained his decision by saying that Soros is one of the main financial supporters of, which in turn help to drive away the Rock Against Bush compilation. As Fat Mike the song on the second sampler still wanted to publish, Propagandhi opposed it, but stressed that there would be no dispute between them and Fat Mike.