Rock am Ring and Rock im Park

Rock am Ring is a music festival at the Nürburgring in the vicinity of the town of Adenau in the Eifel.


The festival was first held in 1985 and was originally planned as a one-time event. Due to the success ( 75,000 spectators ), however, it was decided to let this event take place every year. The slump in viewership in 1988 had a two- year hiatus result.

In 1991, the largest German rock festival went with a revised concept back to the start. A new focus was on the concept to the audience more newcomers. Some of then unknown artists are among the variables in the business. Among other things, the group INXS and Alanis Morissette were at Rock am Ring in front of large audiences.

1993 was the first time the parallel festival Rock in Vienna in Vienna. This was in the following year moved to Munich ( Rock in Riem ), 1995 it was rock in the park. Since 1997 rock found in the park in Nuremberg, while Rock am Ring in the Eifel. Normally play on the twin festival the same bands, but it happens for example by scheduling difficulties that individual bands can only be seen on one of the two festivals.

An important part of the festival is camping around the festival grounds. Its character has changed over time: in the first years, especially small tents and a few vans were to be seen. Meanwhile, the image is increasingly characterized by pavilions and motorhomes. In recent years, increasingly large vehicles such as trucks were to be found in the camps, who brought sperrmüll mature items such as couches that were just left there after the festival at the campsites. For some time, visitors who have equipped themselves with such articles generally paid no more intake.

On 16 June 2012, it was announced in the Rhein-Zeitung, that there were problems with the state of Rhineland -Palatinate to host the festival in 2013. Reason is that the Ministry of Infrastructure have the scheduled date ( June 7 to 9, 2013) is not confirmed and the initial discussions with the musicians for the next festival should begin in the following weeks. The event took place as planned, however, and delivered a record number of visitors.

In 2013, the new festival Rock'n'Heim was also presented for the first time, which will be a sister festival Rock am Ring and was held for the first time from 16 to 18 August 2013.

Lenny Kravitz on the CenterStage 2002

Dir En Grey on the CenterStage 2006

The Prodigy at Rock am Ring 2009

Cro on the CenterStage 2013

Dates and Bands

Guns ' n ' Roses were originally announced as headliners, but called off.

  • Due to the 25th anniversary of Rock am Ring / Rock im Park took the festival, instead of the usual three days, four days
  • First transferred the ARD Digital Sender EinsPlus more than 30 hours full live coverage