Roger Collins

Roger Collins ( b. 1949 ) is a British historian who mainly deals with the history of the Middle Ages.

Roger Collins studied at the University of Oxford with Peter Brown and John Michael Wallace - Hadrill. After teaching assignments for the elderly and middle story in Liverpool and Bristol, he has taught since 1994 at the University of Edinburgh. In 1998 he was there Honorary Fellow ( honorary member ).

Collins conducts research especially into the history of the late Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. His first published work in 1991 Early Medieval Europe is generally regarded as the standard work and has appeared in completely revised form in 3rd edition, 2010. Unlike some other researchers, he stresses the need for narrative, a narrative form of representation, in which also the often neglected political history attracts attention. Collins, in addition to numerous journal articles and contributions to edited volumes ( as the New Cambridge Medieval History) authored several monographs on early medieval history. His specialty is the history of early medieval Spain.

Furthermore, Collins deals with the overarching history of the papacy and the early medieval historiography.


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