Roger Marche

Roger Marche ( born March 5, 1924 in Villers-Semeuse/Département Ardennes; † 1 November 1997 Charleville-Mohon/Ardennes ) was a French football player.

The club career

His first footballing stations were ASC Mohon and OFC Charleville, both located in the vicinity of his birthplace near the border with Belgium. In 1944, he joined together with Pierre Flamion from neighboring Mohon to Stade de Reims; there he soon received the not -meant maliciously nicknamed " Le sanglier des Ardennes " as " Ardennes wild boar " denote still some fans of also kicking in this forested region CS Sedan players of their team. At Roger Marche founded next to his origins but mainly two personal characteristics the award of this name: one is the left-back was a merciless fighter, albeit not a pure destroyer of the enemy game. On the other hand, he remained throughout his professional time in the village of Mohon Are ( 1966 to Charleville -Mézières incorporated ), and he 's gotten to the respective games to Reims and later to Paris ( 80 and 220 km), so it has hardly ever trained with his respective team. But he ran every day for six to seven miles through the surrounding forests; he himself once said, between games, he really never seen a ball. Today it would be unthinkable, but his former coach at club and national team have accepted that, especially since Marche any time rendered his performance on the pitch.

At Stade Reims he played first under the until the end of 1944 still existing German occupation of the northern group of the top division, starting from the season 1945/46, then in the single track Division 1 - and there always in the top group (seats 4, 4, 2, and 3 ). Marche was made due to his playing style early the selection committee of the Association of FFF and received a first call-up to the national team in March 1947. 1948 / 49 he was then for the first time French champion. 1950-1952 it reached "only" to the places 3 and 4, but in 1950 garnered Marche Reims with the National Cup and in 1953 was succeeded by his second championship title. This year, the " man with the high forehead " also won the Coupe Latine.

After ten years with the Rémois he joined in 1954 the Racing Club Paris, with whom he always starred in the top third of Division 1, the second twice and third place, but won no championship title. Also in the cup went empty-handed Racing, reached in 1959 and 1961, only the quarter-finals. After Marche was considered in the 1961/62 season only in two games in the D1 ( in the year earlier in 36 matches ), he hung up, achtunddreißigjährig, footballer after the proverbial nail.

Stages of his career

  • ASC Mohon
  • Olympique FC Charleville
  • Stade Reims (1944-1954)
  • Racing Club Paris (1954-1962)

The National Players

Between March 1947 and December 1959 a total of 63 times played Roger Marche (38 games for Reims, 25 for Paris) Équipe Tricolore. With its forty-seventh International Match ( December 1955 ), he surpassed the number of wagers by Étienne Mattler and international record was his country's until Marius Trésor overtook him in 1983; Marche was also from 1950 in 41 games captain of the team. He was also used in an unofficial international match, the Dutch professional footballer Watersnoodwedstrijd against on 12 March 1953. In his last game, he also scored his only international goal; it can be concluded, however, that ( Victory ) gate was a parting gift of the Spaniards to a great footballers have been going to the truth past: it was a sharp, really unlucky shot with his weak right foot, got the huge swerve and behind the baffled Barça goalkeeper Antoni Ramallets struck.

With 34 years he took under his former teammates in Reims, the coach and sélectionneur ( head of the player selection committee ) Albert Batteux at the Football World Cup 1958 in part, came there, but only to an insert ( the round match against Yugoslavia ).

Life after football

It is not surprising that Marche remained true even after the end of his remarkable career with both feet on the floor and his home: he led the local ( Bar - Tabac ) in Mohon, he had given his in-laws, as a host and operate along with a small transport companies. End of 1997, he died where he has always lived.


  • French Champion: 1949, 1953
  • French Cup Winners: 1950
  • Winner of the Coupe Charles Drago: 1954
  • Winner of the Coupe Latine: 1953
  • 63 A internationals to score a goal
  • French record -International 1955-1983
  • 542 inserts and 3 goals in the D1 (301 /1 for Reims, 241 /2 for Paris), so that players with the eight most applications (April 2008)