Roger Vitrac

Roger Vitrac ( born November 17 1899 in Pinsac, Lot, † January 22, 1952 in Paris) was a French playwright and surrealist.


He founded, among others, René Crevel the early 1920s, the Dada Aventure newspaper and was a member of the surrealist movement, of which he in 1926 in the wake of the crisis before the revolutionary reorientation of the second manifesto along with others, such as Antonin Artaud distanced. He founded with Robert Aron and Alfred Jarry Theatre Antonin Artaud the.

Vitrac can, especially with his play Victor, be seen as a precursor of the theater of the absurd.


  • Victor ou les enfants au pouvoir, dt Victor or the children in power, 1928.
  • Le coup de Trafalgar, 1934.