Rohrbach bei Mattersburg

  • SPÖ: 14
  • ÖVP: 7
  • FPÖ: 2

Rohrbach bei Mattersburg (Hungarian: Fraknónádasd, Croatian: Orbuh ) is a market town in the district Matter castle in Burgenland in Austria. The municipality is located in the Natural Park Rosalia Kogelberg.


Rohrbach bei Matter castle is located on the northern slopes of the Sopron Mountains on the Austrian- Hungarian border. The place is nestled in the rolling hills of the eastern Alps spur, whose landscape is made up of the contrasting morphological forms of the Eastern Alps and the Hungarian Plain.

Gently the Alps run from here, their last hill lost in the last foothills of the Little Hungarian Plain. The tops of the mountains Ödenburger adorns a dense mixed forest, to which a multi-unit agricultural corridor with a rich fruit trees is joined; numerous cherry trees lend the heyday of the landscape an almost magical flair. The relatively warm and dry temperate Pannonian climate can grow mighty chestnut groves and promotes viticulture.

The sunny side slopes of Rohrbacher Kogels include with its many orchards, dry grasslands and hay meadows of the finest and most extensive dry landscapes in Burgenland. The mild climate, the limestone soil and the early clearing of the forest led to the emergence of a heat-loving, extremely rich flora and fauna. The area is provided as a " natural reserve Rohrbacher Kogel " under special protection.

Also located in a Talung at the foot of Kogels " Teichwiesen " are nature reserve. The largely verschilfte wetland in the center of the area is at margins surrounded by flood meadows in the higher areas, the pass " hillside meadows " for long, extensively used lean and dry meadows. The importance of the village in the hills Mattersburger Europe reserve lies in the diversity of different habitat types, ranging from dry grasslands on different configurations of hay meadows up to marsh and water areas. This is associated with a very large biodiversity of sometimes highly endangered animal and plant species.

In the forested south of the municipal area, in Rohrbacher forest, springs from the Aubach as the top section of the river flow Ikva.


Before Christ's birth, the area was part of the Celtic kingdom of Noricum and belonged to the area of the Celtic hillfort castle on the Schwarzenbacher Castle Hill. Later in the Roman Empire the area was part of the province Pannonia.

In 1899, next to the railway line on the broad peasant fields a depot with 43 ​​gold coins from the middle of the 1st century BC was found. The Finder, Alois Kugler from Sopron ( Sopron ), spent the coins in the Museums of Budapest, Sopron, as well as in some smaller local museums. In Soroner Museum three coins are available, one from boischen Biatec - type, an Athena Alkis type and a Rainbow Cup. In the same year is a pot with 65 gold coins said to have been found about but there is no precise information.

The place was like the rest of Burgenland to 1920/21 Hungary ( German West Hungary). Since 1898 had to be used because of Magyarization the government in Budapest the Hungarian name Fraknónádásd. After the end of World War II German West Hungary was awarded in the Treaties of St. Germain and Trianon in 1919 Austria after tough negotiations. The place belongs since 1921 to the newly founded State of Burgenland (see also history of Burgenland ). Market town is Rohrbach bei Mattersburg since 1992 ( by VO 47).




  • Mayor Alfred Reismüller ( SPÖ), 1st Vice-Mayor is Waltraud Gartner ( SPÖ), 2nd vice mayor is Mark Fasching ( ÖVP). Head of Office is Johann Brno.
  • The distribution of seats (23 seats) in the municipal council is: SPÖ 14, ÖVP and FPÖ 7 2 mandates.

Coat of arms

Blazon: In the split from the Black and Red sign a forward -looking, silver, golden proven, hissende goose. The coat of arms was granted on November 1, 1980.


Of significant importance to the area of Rohrbach is located at the semi- Rohrbacher old culture of the grove sweet chestnut, the largest in Austria.


Of national importance are the sports club Rohrbach by his success in the Austrian Football Cup, kickboxers and also the baseball club that plays in the 1st Bundesliga in particular.


Sons and daughters:

  • Franz Guttmann (* 1949), politician ( SPÖ)
  • Josef Hero Petrovich (* 1936), Priest and Culture Director
  • The brothers Edward and John Kutrowatz come from Rohrbach and deal since her earliest youth with music.
  • Lorenz Mooslandl (* 1938), politician ( ÖVP)
  • Karl Stix (* 1939, † 2003), politician ( SPÖ Governor )

This and That

The nickname of the population is Rohrbacher " The goose bears". The coat of arms of Rohrbach's also adorns the Gansbär whose etymological origin, however, is unclear.

Culture and sights

  • Parish Church of St. Sebastian


Honorary citizen board for Karl Stix, 1991-2000 Governor of Burgenland

Roman Catholic parish church

War Victims Monument

Listed elementary school


Stations of the Cross at Calvary ( Kegalberg ) with sculptures by Thomas Resetarits

Stop the train Mattersburger

Lokomotiv Memorial ( this, however, shows a steam locomotive GySEV, 123 series )

Rohrbach in southeastern and Marz Mattersdorf / Nagy Márton (center), 1880 (Record Journal of the land survey )