Rokkasho (Aomori)

Rokkasho (Japanese六ヶ所 村, -mura ) is a village in the administrative district of Aomori Prefecture Kamikita.


Rokkasho is on the Shimokita Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean.

The southern half of the municipal area is a marshland and therefore rich in lakes. The largest is the 62 km ² comprehensive Ogawara Lake (小川 原 湖, Ogawara -ko ), which is also the eleventh largest lake in Japan, and where the community is bordered to the south. This dehydrated to the municipality by the 7 km long Takase River (高 瀬 川, Takase -gawa ) in the ocean. At high tide, however, salt water flows back, and hence the lake consists of brackish water. Other lakes from south to north are the two smaller freshwater lakes Tamogi - numa (田 面 木 沼) and Ichiyanagi - numa (市 柳 沼), as well as the larger brackish water lakes Obuchi - numa (尾 駮 沼) and Takahoko - numa (鹰 架 沼) for the same as the Lake Ogawara applies.

The northern half of the municipality is characterized in contrast by mountains, so that there is only the coastal area is populated. The highest mountain is the Fukkoshi - Eboshi (吹 越 乌 帽子) on the border with Yokohama with 507.8 m, followed by Otsukushi (御 宿 山, -yama ) with 498 m and the Gassan (月 山) with 419.2 m on both north.

Neighboring municipalities are counterclockwise from north to south Higashidori in the same district, Yokohama, Tohoku Noheji and each district Shimokita, as well as the city Misawa. The latter two are located along the southern shore of Lake Ogawara.


The village was founded in 1889 with nationwide reorganization of the Japanese community structures from the merger of six places Kurauchi (仓 内), Hiranuma (平沼) Takahako (鹰 架), Obuchi (尾 駮), detonation (出 戸) and Tomari (泊) created. Hence the name, the " six cities " literally means originates.

1984 JNFS (Japan Nuclear Fuel Services ) received the construction permit for the commercial reprocessing plant at Rokkasho. On the grounds of the center Rokkasho a near-surface repository for low -level radioactive waste has been constructed and put into operation in December 1992. A uranium enrichment plant went into operation in 1992. The input bearing of the WAA has already been put into operation in 1997. The beginning of the reprocessing operation took place around 2010.

Rokkasho was proposed by the Japanese government as the site for the proposed international fusion reactor ITER, in competition with the European site proposal Cadarache in France. On 28 June 2005, but decided to build ITER in Cadarache.


Major highways through Rokkasho are the national road 338 to Hakodate or Oirase, as well as the National Road 394 Mutsu or Hirosaki.

Rokkasho is not connected to the rail network, unlike its neighboring communities.


Despite its small size Rokkasho is Rokkasho has some major industrial plants.

So it is the site of a nuclear power industry center on the grounds, inter alia, The following facilities are:

  • A uranium enrichment plant (centrifuge technology)
  • The Rokkasho reprocessing plant for fuel from light water reactors
  • A near-surface repository.

In addition, the State Oil Mutsu - Ogawara deposit is located (むつ 小川原 国家 石油 備蓄 基地, Mutsu Ogawara - kokka Sekiyu bichiku kichi ), one of ten plants in which Japan's strategic oil reserves are stored since 1985 Rokkasho.

Also to be found in Rokkasho three wind farms. The first, the Mutsu - Ogawara Wind Farm (むつ 小川原 ウィンド ファーム, Mutsu Ogawara - Windo FAMU ) the company EcoPower KK was established in January 2003 with 21 wind turbines á 1500 kW, ie a total capacity of 31.5 MW making it the largest of Japan was in its time. In December 2003, a plant of the Rokkasho -mura Fūryoku Kaihatsu KK followed (六ヶ所 村 風力 開発 株式会社, dt " wind power development Rokkasho AG " ) with 20 plants á 1500 á 1425 kW kW and two, a total of 32.85 MW, and in August 2009, one of the Futamata Fūryoku Kaihatsu KK (二 又 风力 开 発 株式会社) with 34 plants á 1500 kW and 51 MW in total.


In Rokkasho, there are six primary schools (六ヶ所 村立X小学校, Rokkasho- sonritsu X shōgakkō ) - Tomari, Obuchi, Tokusari (戸 锁) Hiranuma, Kurauchi and Chitosetai (千 歳 平) -, four middle schools (六ヶ所 村立X中 学校, Rokkasho- sonritsu X chūgakkō ) - Tomari, Dai -ichi (第一, dt "First " ), Chitose (千 歳) and Dai -ni (第二, dt " Second " ), as well as the prefectural high school Rokkasho (青森 県 立 六ヶ所 高等 学校, Aomori, Rokkasho - kenritsu Kōtō Gakko ).


Since 1994 a twinning with Waren (Müritz).