Roland Kostulski

Roland Kostulski ( born June 13, 1953 in Borna ) is a former rower from the German Democratic Republic, who won an Olympic gold medal with the roller 1976.

Kostulski rowed for the SC DHfK Leipzig under coach Jörg Weissig. In 1971 he was World Junior Champion in the coxless four. In 1972, he finished with the four second place in the East German Championships 1973 in third place. Also the third place Kostulski 1973 together with Andreas Wolf in pairs without coxswain; In 1974 he rowed together with Bernd Baumgart for runners in this class of boat. In 1975, Kostulski in the eighth and won by the East German championship title the title at the World Championships in Nottingham. The boat was launched in the cast Karl -Heinz Prudöhl, Ulrich Karnatz, Roland Kostulski, Werner Klatt, Friedrich- Wilhelm Ulrich, Dieter Wendish, Gottfried Döhn, Jürgen Arndt and helmsman Klaus-Dieter Ludwig. A year later, at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal GDR eight won the gold medal. Bernd Baumgart, Gottfried Döhn, Werner Klatt, Roland Kostulski, Joachim Lück, Dieter Wendish, Ulrich Karnatz, Karl -Heinz Prudöhl and helmsman Karl -Heinz Danielowski were victorious in both the forward and in the final in front of the British eighth. 1978 finished with Kostulski Baumgart again third in the GDR championships.