Rollin S. Woodruff

Rollin Simmons Woodruff (* July 14, 1854 in Rochester, New York, † June 30 1925 in New Haven, Connecticut ) was an American politician and governor of the U.S. state of Connecticut. He was a member of the Republican Party.

Early years and political rise

Rollin Woodruff received only a rudimentary education, but later became a successful businessman as well as Connecticut's Computing Machine Company of CS Mersick Company, one of the largest iron and steel wholesaler, was involved. He was also a director of other public companies as well as 1905-1907 president of the Chamber of Commerce of New Haven. Woodruff decided in 1903 to pursue a political career. He ran for a seat in the Senate from Connecticut, where he remained following his successful election until 1905. He was also the 1905-1907 Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut.

Governor of Connecticut

Woodruff won the 1906 Governor Republican nomination and was elected governor of Connecticut a short time later. During his tenure, he was a proponent of conventional Republican issues. He put one respect some laws of legislative veto, as the state's financial system or budget needed his protection.

He left on January 6, 1909 his office, and retired from public service, but remained active in his business. Woodruff was also a member of the Union League Club and the New Haven Young Men's Republican Club.

Rollin Woodruff was buried at the Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven.