Rolls-Royce Dart

The Rolls- Royce Dart (also Rolls Royce RB.53 ) is a propeller turbine air jet ( PTL ) engine, the British manufacturer Rolls- Royce.

The development began in 1946 on the basis of experience with the Rolls- Royce Trent RB.50 PTL engine from the year 1945. The first prototype of the turbine was subjected to 1947 first flight tests in an Avro Lancaster. Production began in 1952 and ended in 1986. Overall, more than 7000 units were produced. The power was initially about 1120 kW, but increased significantly in the course of development.

The Rolls- Royce Dart is known especially for the Vickers Viscount, the first successful in the West turboprop. In addition, many other known types of aircraft were equipped with the dart:

  • Avro 748
  • Breguet Alizé ( Dart RDa 21 1950 hp with water - methanol injection)
  • Fokker F-27
  • Handley Page Herald
  • NAMC YS -11


  • Compressor: 2-stage centrifugal
  • Turbine: multi- axial
  • Combustion chambers: 7