Rolls-Royce Phantom (2003)

Phantom Series I (2003-2011)

The Rolls -Royce Phantom is a car model of the car maker Rolls- Royce Motor Cars.

It is made as a sedan with standard wheelbase and long-wheelbase sedan ( Phantom Extended Wheelbase ). Based on the sedan models also the Phantom Drophead Coupe ( convertible ) and Phantom Coupé offered.


Since 28 July 1998, the German automaker BMW holds the trademark rights to Rolls- Royce. At Goodwood in the south of England after initial difficulties was the vehicle with the project name RR01. On January 3, ended in 2003, the start-up phase and after four years of development, the results were presented. The vehicle is with his name in the tradition of Rolls -Royce, it's already the seventh vehicle model named Rolls- Royce Phantom. Technically, however, it has nothing in common with the namesake, built to 1991 Rolls- Royce Phantom VI.

In 2011, there was a subtle facelift. In the new models, the round headlamp units in the front Modern LEDs were replaced. Addition, there was also a dynamic cornering lights and a over-worker navigation system. Furthermore, the existing six -speed automatic was replaced with an 8- speed automatic transmission which reduces the CO2 emissions of 385 to 347 grams per kilometer.

Today, various modules are built in locations in Germany, but the entire installation and customization is still performed at Goodwood.

2012 were registered, according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Office 14 Rolls- Royce Phantom in Germany, without exception, by commercial holder.


  • 2004: 792
  • 2005: 796
  • 2006: 806
  • 2007: 757
  • 2008: 644
  • 2009: 376

Rear-hinged doors


Interior back ( EWB)

Technical Data 2003-2012