Rollshausen is a municipality in the district of Göttingen, in Lower Saxony. It belongs to the Samtgemeinde Gieboldehausen, which has its administrative headquarters in the spots Gieboldehausen.

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The municipality is located in Rollshausen Untereichsfeld and consists of the places Rollshausen and Germershausen. Located between Hellberg and Warteberg, the community is traversed by the Hahle and has a total municipal area of 9.15 km ².

Population Development

Development of the population (as of 1821):


On November 9, 1141 Rollshausen finds its first mention. Archbishop of Mainz Markolf then confirmed in a partially forged document the Northeimer monastery of St. Blaise possessions in one place, which is called by the name " Rotholvishusen ". During the Thirty Years' War also Rollshausen had severely affected by the fighting between Duke Christian of Brunswick and General Tilly. From the latter is attested that he einrichtete on the Hellberg, a bivouac. Since the mid-14th century Rollshausen belonged to the county of the Office Gieboldehausen before it finally belonged from 1885 to 1972 the municipality of Duderstadt. From 1 January 1973, subsequently provided Rollshausen and Germershausen a unified community, before it finally became a member of the velvet municipality Gieboldehausen.

Traditional sources of income in the village were always been agriculture, crafts and trade. 1890 they built a brickyard and 1901, a cigarette factory. For decades, there was also a Müllereibetrieb. Today, several commercial companies have their headquarters in Rollshausen.


Parish council

The municipal council of Rollshausen is composed of nine Council women and councilors. On May 21, the new mayor was elected.

  • CDU: 8 seats
  • Single candidate Heise: 1 seat

(As at municipal elections on September 11, 2011)

Culture and sights

Church of St Margaret

In the years 1901-1903 it was built according to the plans of the Hildesheim Commissioner of City Planning Herzig St. Margaret 's Church in Rollshausen. It represents a three-aisled neo-Romanesque basilica and has the dimensions of 38.5 m in length and 15.5 m in width. The transept of the church extends over a length of 21 m and has a semi -circular apse. The previous building, a baroque church from 1639, had a lattice tower. Meanwhile, massive substructure suggests an even earlier -scale late medieval church from the year 1471. The external image of the present church is characterized by redbrick facade, which was walled in the interior and is trimmed with Belt arcade arches, pilasters and Arc de Triomphe. The equipment also comes from the building time and thus presents itself in the Romanesque Revival style. Among the equipment pieces, there are a Sacred Heart and a Margareta statue from 1903 and a main altar, made ​​of limestone core stone. Another special feature is the dating from the 16th Century Station of the Cross; they do both sides in relief with the Crucifixion and the Cross, has the form of a medallion and has a diameter of about 50 cm. Other components of the Station of the Cross medallions are the numerous characters, the vivid description of the two scenes and the special Ansichtigkeit and physiognomy.

Economy and infrastructure


Rollshausen is connected via the federal highway 247 ( Northeim, Duderstadt ), which passes close by the resort, and country roads to the highway 27 that leads from Göttingen to Herzberg am Harz to the road network. Rollshausen had a train stop on the railway line field - Wulften. This is now closed.