Roma Termini railway station

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The Roma Termini railway station is the main station of the Italian capital Rome ( Esquilino ). It is a railway terminus.


In 1867 he built on the Esquiline Hill and named after the Baths of Diocletian. From the year 1938, a completely new building of the railway station, designed by Angiolo Mazzoni was started. During the Second World War, the work was interrupted. After the massive Lateralbauten Mazzonis plans had been completed in the classicist style of fascist Razionalismo until then.

The main reception building ( " Dinosauro " ), however, was not built until after the war in a completely different architectural design ( architect: Leo Calini, Massimo Castellazzi, Vasco Fadigati, Eugenio Montuori, Achille Pintonello, Annibale Vitellozzi, 1948-51 ).

For the Holy Year 2000 involved extensive modernization measures; next to a conservation practice rehabilitation of the existing structure was among other things a new underground shopping mall, called the Forum Termini, built. On 23 December 2006, the station was dedicated to the late Pope John Paul II.

The lobby of reinforced concrete in the style of the new style has a length of 128 m and width of 32 m. At the entrance remains of the Servian walls from the 4th century BC are

Roma Termini is operated by a subsidiary of the FS, the GrandiStazioni SpA, which supervises the 13 largest Italian Stations. In long-distance traffic it is very easy to reach with Euro City / intercity trains and the trains of the Italian Pendolino-/Eurostar-Hochgeschwindigkeitsnetzes. In transport it is connected to the metro station Termini to the metro lines A and B of the metro system of Rome, and also the Leonardo Express to Rome Fiumicino Airport leaves from there. In the long run, the modernized railway station Roma Tiburtina will become the main train station in Rome metropolitan area.

Termini Station in 1956

Overlooking Piazza dei Cinquecento

Monument to John Paul II in front of the railway station, 2011

Detail of truss structure in the main hall, 2012

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