Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Palo

The Archdiocese of Palo (Latin: Archidioecesis Palensis ) is a location in the Philippines Roman Catholic archdiocese headquartered in Palo. It includes the province of Leyte, with the exception of four municipalities in the northern part of the province, which belong to the Diocese of Naval, and six municipalities in the southeastern part of the province, which belong to the Diocese of Maasin.


Pope Pius XI. founded the bishopric of Palo on 28 November 1937 of territory of the Diocese of Calbayog and it became the Archdiocese of Cebu is a suffragan.

With the Apostolic Constitution ad fidelium it was collected on 15 November 1982 in the rank of Metropolitanerzbistums.

Parts of its territory it lost in favor of the establishment of the following dioceses:

  • March 23, 1968 to the Diocese of Maasin;
  • November 29, 1988 to the bishopric of Naval.


Bishops of Palo

  • Manuel Mascariñas y Morgia (16 December 1937-12. November 1951, then Bishop of Tagbilaran )
  • Lino R. Gonzaga y Rasdesales (12 November 1951-12. August 1966, then Archbishop of Zamboanga )
  • Teotimo C. Pacis CM (18 November 1966-23. May 1969, then Bishop of Legazpi )
  • Manuel S. Salvador (October 21, 1969-25. September 1972 )
  • Cipriano Urgel y Villahermosa (12 April 1973-15. November 1982)

Archbishops of Palo

  • Cipriano Urgel y Villahermosa (15 November 1982-22. April 1985)
  • Pedro Rosales Dean (12 October 1985-18. March 2006)
  • Jose SeroFIA Palma (March 18, 2006-15. October 2010, then Archbishop of Cebu )
  • John Du (since 25 February 2012)