Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

The Archdiocese of Sydney (Latin: Archidioecesis Sydneyensis ) is a location in Australia diocese of the Roman Catholic Church based in Sydney. The territory also includes the Norfolk Island.


It was founded in 1834 as the Apostolic Vicariate of New Holland and Van Diemen 's Land from the Apostolic Vicariate of Cape of Good Hope. Already on April 5, 1842, the Apostolic Vicariate Hobart and Adelaide were separated and elevated the Vicariate Apostolic of New Holland and Van Diemen 's Land to the diocese of Sydney. On April 22, 1842, the diocese was elevated to an archdiocese with Sydney seat of a metropolitan.

On May 6, 1845 came to another area separations, by the reason of the Apostolic Vicariate Essington and King George sounde - The Sound, as well as the establishment of the Diocese of Perth. Furthermore, were from Archdiocese of Sydney on 25 June 1847, the dioceses of Melbourne and Maitland, on 12 April 1859 Diocese of Brisbane, on 17 November 1862, Goulburn diocese and founded the diocese of Bathurst on 20 June 1865.

The Archdiocese of Sydney is one of the traditional cardinal seats the Catholic Church. The Archbishop stand to perform his pastoral duties three auxiliary bishops to the side. The ecclesiastical province now includes the dioceses of Armidale, Lismore, Maitland - Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, Wilcannia -Forbes and Wollongong.

Cathedral of St. Mary

The Saint Mary's Cathedral is the largest church in Australia, and seat of the Archbishop of Sydney. The cornerstone of the built in Gothic style Cathedral of St. Mary (St. Mary 's Cathedral) was laid in 1821; the construction period lasted almost two centuries. Two foreseen in the original plan towers were completed only in 2000.


  • John Bede Polding OSB, Bishop of 1832-1877, in 1842 became the first Archbishop of Sydney
  • Roger William Bede Vaughan OSB (1877-1883)
  • Patrick Francis Cardinal Moran (1884-1911)
  • Michael Kelly (1911-1940)
  • Norman Thomas Cardinal Gilroy (1940-1971)
  • James Darcy Cardinal Freeman (1971-1983)
  • Edward Bede Cardinal Clancy (1983-2001)
  • George Cardinal Pell (2001-2014)