Roman Catholic Diocese of Antigonish

The Diocese of Antigonish (Latin: Dioecesis Antigonicensis ) is a location in Canada Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

It was founded on 22 September 1844 as the diocese of Arichat from the Archdiocese of Halifax. On August 23, 1886, the name change took place in the diocese of Antigonish. The diocese comprises Antigonish, Pictou, Guysborough, Richmond, Inverness, Victoria and Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.

Well known is the Cathedral Built in 1874, " St. Ninian Cathedral ".

1853 was founded by Bishop Colin Francis MacKinnon the Saint Francis Xavier University, first as a seminary.


  • William Fraser (1844-1851)
  • Colin Francis MacKinnon (1851-1877)
  • John Cameron (1877-1910)
  • James Morrison (1912-1950)
  • John Roderick MacDonald (1950-1959)
  • William Edward Power (1960-1986)
  • Colin Campbell (1986-2002)
  • Raymond John Lahey (2003-2009) Anthony Mancini ( 2009; Apostolic Administrator )