Roman Catholic Diocese of Díli

The Diocese of Dili (Latin: Dioecesis Diliensis ) is the older diocese in the Southeast Asian state of East Timor. Seat is the capital Dili. The diocese is directly subordinate to the Holy See in Rome. To the Diocese of Dili include the districts of Dili, Aileu, Ainaro, Ermera, Manufahi and Oecusse.


The Diocese of Dili was separated on 4 September 1940 by the former diocese of Macao and Timor, and included at that time the entire colony Portuguese Timor. Jaime Garcia Goulart was appointed on 18 January 1941, the Apostolic Administrator. He had been from 1933 to 1937 as commissioner in Dili. On 12 October 1945 he was nominated the first Bishop of Dili, his consecration took place on October 28, 1945 held in Sydney, where he had fled during the Japanese occupation of Portuguese Timor. On December 9, 1945 Goulart moved solemnly in Dili. The pastoral structures such as the old cathedral from 1909 and many other churches had been destroyed in the war.

30 November 1996 at Baucau was separated as its own diocese, on 30 January 2010, the diocese Maliana.

Pictures of Roman Catholic Diocese of Díli