Roman Catholic Diocese of Litoměřice

The diocese Leitmeritz (Latin Dioecesis Litomericensis, Czech Biskupství litoměřické or Diecéze Litoměřická ) is a Roman Catholic diocese in northern Bohemia. It was canonically erected in 1655 and assumed as suffragan to the Archdiocese of Prague.


In Leitmeritz since 1057 there has been a collegiate at St. Stephen's Church. Although the chapter suffered significant losses over the centuries in his possessions, but it formed the material basis for the new diocese, which was created as part of the Counter-Reformation, the Thirty Years' War. Emperor Ferdinand III. nominated the provost of the pen, Maximilian Rudolf von Schleinitz, 1647 the first bishop. Because of the protracted negotiations on the financial resources was the canonical establishment only with effect on 3 July in 1655.

The right of nomination for the diocese remained with the king, who had until then been such for the provost. The cathedral chapter consisted in its establishment of a dean and a canon. 1671, 1680 and 1717, and four more canonries were established.

The diocese was created from territories that were taken out of the Archdiocese of Prague. It included in its construction a small area between Bilin, Bohemian Leipa and Rumburg, and small enclaves in the Saxon Upper Lusatia (eg Schirgiswalde ). Thus it covered the Leitmeritzer circle in 1647 was divided into two curacies with 62 parishes until 1670 but already increased to six Vicariate. 1784, the diocese to the circles Jungbunzlau and Saaz was extended.

The first bishop Maximilian Rudolf von Schleinitz built with the diocese of agents and the use of his personal wealth instead of the old collegiate church, a baroque cathedral. 1738 a seminary was founded.

In the 19th and 20th century the diocese was strongly affected by Nationality dispute between Czechs and Germans, as both ethnic groups had an approximately equal share of the diocesan population.

1948 was one of the bishopric 449 parishes with 268 diocesan priests, 83 religious priests and 637 nuns.

The diocese Leitmeritz maintains a diocesan partnership with the Diocese of Eichstätt in Bavaria.

St. Stephan's Cathedral

St. Stephan's Cathedral ( Interior )

St. Stephan's Cathedral ( Campanile )