Roman Catholic Diocese of Mende

The French diocese of Mende (Latin: Dioecesis Mimatensis ), with the episcopal see Mende in today's Lozère is the former diocese Javols and developed in the mid-10th century through the transfer of the seat of Javols to Mende after the former bishop's seat in the 5 had been. century severely affected by the migration of the peoples affected and it is not recovered.

The Diocese of Mende belonged to the ecclesiastical province of Bourges ( Bourges Archdiocese ), and later to the church province Albi ( Albi Archdiocese ); today the Diocese of Mende belongs to the Ecclesiastical Province of Montpellier ( Archdiocese of Montpellier).

The city belonged to the bishop of Mende Mende, but ceded a portion of it in 1307 by a Traité de Pariage to the King of France.

The Episcopal Cathedral of Saint Privas was mid-14th century by Pope Urban V ( who was from the Gévaudan ) rebuilt and restored in the 17th century again.