Roman Catholic Diocese of Pelplin

The diocese Pelplin (Latin: Dioecesis Pelplinensis, poln: Diecezja pelplińska ) is located in Poland Roman Catholic diocese based in Pelplin.


Diocese of Kulm

The Diocese of Kulm was in 1222 by Christian of Prussia with the approval of Pope Honorius III. founded. In 1243 it was reorganized with three other dioceses by the papal legate William of Modena in the German religious country.

The Bishop received 600 hooves country in Löbauer proportion of the diocese, as well as the usual duties of tithing. In the other areas, however, he had, as was usual in the dioceses of the German Order of the country, a third of the diocese diocese as own country. As in the other three dioceses of Prussia was this, the third bishop of the cathedral chapter, which was incorporated to the Teutonic Order, on.

The diocese, which had its cathedral in Culmsee (now Chełmża ), was incorporated in 1255 in the Riga ecclesiastical province. It coincided with the Second Peace of Thorn on October 19, 1466 in Poland, and was thus converted into an Secular diocese. Until then, it was incorporated to the Teutonic Order, which is why it could not develop its full territorial sovereignty.

Diocese Pelplin

The diocese of Chelmno ( Culma, Kulm ) was renamed on 25 March 1992 by Pope John Paul II to the Pontifical Bull Totus Tuus Poloniae populus, by cession of territory to the bishopric of Thorn, in the diocese of Pelplin and the Archdiocese of Gdańsk assumed as suffragan. The cathedral is the church of the former Cistercian monastery.