Roman Catholic Diocese of Ponce

The Diocese of Ponce (Latin: Dioecesis Poncensis ) is a located in Puerto Rico Roman Catholic diocese based in Ponce.


The Diocese of Ponce was born on November 21, 1924 by Pope Pius XI. built with the Apostolic Constitution Ad Sacrosancti Apostolatus Officium out of territory of the Diocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico. It was the Archdiocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico, is a suffragan. On April 30, 1960, the Diocese of Ponce were parts of its territory from the foundation of the Diocese of Arecibo. The Diocese of Ponce announced on 4 November 1964 from parts of its territory to the founding of the Diocese of Caguas. A further transfer of territory took place on 1 March 1976 foundation of the diocese Mayagüez.

Bishops of Ponce

  • Edwin Vincent Byrne, 1925-1929, then Bishop of San Juan de Puerto Rico
  • Aloysius Joseph Willinger, C.Ss.R., 1929-1946, then Coadjutor Bishop of Monterey - Fresno
  • James Edward McManus C.Ss.R., 1947-1963
  • Luis Aponte Martínez, 1963-1964, then Archbishop of San Juan de Puerto Rico
  • Juan Fremiot Torres Oliver, 1964-2000
  • Ricardo Antonio Surinach Carreras, 2000-2003
  • Félix Lázaro Martinez SCHP, since 2003

Pictures of Roman Catholic Diocese of Ponce