Roman Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst

The Diocese of Sandhurst (Latin: Dioecesis Sandhurstensis ) is a location in Australia Roman Catholic diocese based in Bendigo.


The Diocese of Sandhurst was born on March 30, 1874 by Pope Pius IX. built out of territory of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and this is a suffragan.

Bishop of Sandhurst

  • Martin Crane OSA, 1874-1901
  • Stephen Reville OSA, 1901-1916
  • John McCarthy, 1917-1950
  • Bernard Denis Stewart, 1950-1979
  • Noel Desmond Daly, 1979-2000
  • Joseph Angelo Grech, 2001-2010
  • Leslie Tomlinson, since 2012