Roman Catholic Diocese of Wuzhou

Located in China Wuchow diocese (Latin Dioecesis Uceuvensis ) was a mission of Marist and was on 30 June 1930 as mission sui juris independent entity. Collected on December 10th, 1934 Apostolic Prefecture, it could be raised to the apostolic vicariate and diocese on April 11, 1946 July 20, 1939.

The Archdiocese of Nanning is the only suffragan under standing, it counted 1950 19.871 Catholics (0.6%) in 17 parishes with two diocesan priests and 17 nuns.

The only bishop was Frederic Anthony Donaghy, MM ( Apostolic Vicar since July 20, 1939; bishop since April 11, 1946 to February 5, 1988)

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