Roman Catholic Diocese of Zhoucun

Located in China Zhoucun diocese (Latin Dioecesis Ceuziienensis ) was born on April 16, 1929 as a mission sui juris of Changtien founded. Raised On 1 June 1932, the Apostolic Prefecture, it was raised to the Apostolic Vicariate of Chowtsun and on April 11, 1946 Diocese on May 18, 1937.

The church province Jinan owned and 5,000 km ² diocese counted 29,411 Roman Catholics in 1950, which represented 1 % of the population in this region. With 12 diocesan priests, 23 religious priests and 25 nuns in 17 parishes, it was a mission area of the Franciscans ( OFM), which also featured the Vicars Apostolic and the only Bishop Henry Ambrose Pinger. This died on 24 September 1988.

Due to the political situation, the diocese could not be occupied until today.

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