Romance in Manhattan

Novak loves America is an American feature film from the year 1935. The film is based on a story by Norman Krasna and Don Hartman.


The Czech Karel Novak has a dream. He wants to be a farmer in the United States. When he arrives from Europe to New York, he learns to Ellis Iceland that the " entrance fee " has risen to the land of unlimited possibilities to $ 200. Karel missing $ 142 and he is sent back on the next ship back to Europe. When the ship will leave the port of New York, Karel jumps overboard and swims to shore. Without money now he wanders through the streets of Manhattan. Hungry he steals donuts and gets caught by the young dancer Sylvia Dennis. The young woman takes him to her apartment where she lives with her underage brother Frank. Here Karel may initially come. Together with Frank he deserves some money paper route. Eventually he gets a job as a taxi driver and dreams of becoming a millionaire and Sylvia get married.

When Frank goes to court because of his ongoing truancy, he is sentenced to be placed in a state institution. His sister Sylvia may only take him back to himself, as soon as she is married. When the boy is eventually removed from the care of his sister, Karel risked even his deportation to help Sylvia. However, Karel lucky and the nice police officer Murphy gives the illegal immigrants legal papers requesting that Karel Sylvia married until dawn.