Romualdo Arppi Filho

Romualdo Arppi Filho ( born January 7, 1939 in Santos ) is a former Brazilian football referee. Arppi Filho, who directed, among others, the final of the soccer World Cup 1986 between Argentina and Germany and finals of the Copa América, the World Cup, the Copa Libertadores and the Brazilian football championship and was from 1963 to 1990 FIFA referee, applies not only to Arnaldo Cézar Coelho the historically outstanding referee of his country.

He is also the patron number one of only ten cartridges of the Academia Paulista de Futebol de Arbitros Charles Miller. Among these are, for example, variables such as the World Cup referees Cézar Arnaldo Coelho, who in 1982 also whistled a World Cup final with German participation, José Roberto Wright, Armando Marques and the German football pioneer Hermann Friese.


As a child, Romualdo Arppi Filho operation like sports, preferably football, but also basketball and volleyball. Due to its rather slight build him but only the role of reservists was often granted, but sometimes he was also entrusted with referee duties. From the age of 14, he focused entirely on the refereeing and eventually made with a 18 course at the Football Association of the State of São Paulo.

Two years later, in 1959, he made his debut in an official match and only a year later he led already matches at the national level. 1961 was followed by his first international use in a summer tournament in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo, where he whistled other games with Boca Juniors and the local club Nacional - and left an excellent impression. In 1962, he led the decisive game of the then most important Torneio Rio - São Paulo, Botafogo FR which from Rio de Janeiro won 3-1 against SE Palmeiras. 1963 reported the Brazilian Association of the only 24 -year-olds officially as a FIFA referee.

1968 Ganso was, the goose, as Arppo Filho is also called by his friends, used at the Olympic Games in Mexico. In 1973, he overlooked the 0-0 Copa Libertadores final second leg match between Colo Colo of Santiago de Chile and the club CA Independiente bonarenser suburb from Argentina. In 1975 his first mission at the Copa América, and in 1976 he whistled his first final of the National Championship of São Paulo where SE Palmeiras the EC XV de Novembro defeated in the provincial city of Piracicaba 1-0. 1979 and 1980 was followed by other operations in the Copa América and the time held in Moscow Olympics. 1984 in Los Angeles, he was the third time referee at the Olympic Games and led his overall fifth game in the tournaments among the five rings - so he moved to coincide with the Hungarian István Zsolt, the same number of games conducted 1952-1968 at four Olympic Games and has since been shared record holder.

In the years 1984 and 1985 he also directed the finals of the Brazilian Championship. 1984 this was won by Fluminense FC from Rio against local rivals CR Vasco da Gama the title, while in the following year Coritiba FC in a penalty shoot-out against Bangu AC from Rio gained the upper hand. Overall Arppo Filho obwaltete at 254 league matches and finished in 2010 is still the fifth.

In 1984 he also had a major appearance on the international stage when he was in Tokyo the World Cup final between the Libertadores winners CA Independiente and the winner in the European Champions Cup, Liverpool FC headed, with the Argentines the title with a 1-0 - guaranteed success.

This was followed by attending the FIFA World Cup 1986, the biggest highlight of the career of Romualdo Arppo Filho. In the preliminary round, he whistled the 1-1 draw between France and the USSR, and in the second round of the 2-0 win against Mexico Bulgaria. In two other games he acted as linesman. But the crowning achievement of his career was the management of the endgame in the Aztec Stadium between the Argentine team to Diego Maradona and Germany with the Star Karl -Heinz Rummenigge, which won the South Americans 3-2. He was there by Arnaldo Coelho Cézar the second Brazilian in series, and also as a whole, led the World Cup final.

In 1987, the last peak of his career when he won the final between Uruguay and Chile launched his third Copa America at the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires. In this rough game, Uruguay took a 1-0 victory on the 13th success in this competition. Arppo Filho referred in each case two players from both teams, including the star of the winning team Enzo Francescoli, of the field.

1990, now 51 years old, Romualdo Arppo Filho withdrew from the great football. Overall, he was there over 27 years, FIFA referee, and can look back on a career without scandals. Arppo Filho, who was Estate Agents in São Vicente on the outskirts of Santos in civil profession, is the father of three sons and has retired from working in more rural Caldas Novas in Goias.


  • World Cup: Finale 1986
  • Copa América: 1975, 1979, final 1987
  • Olympic Games: 1968 1980, 1984 / Total: 5 Games = record
  • World Cup: Final 1984
  • Copa Libertadores: Finale 1973
  • Brazilian Championship: Finals 1984, 1985 / Total: 254 games = 5th place
  • State of São Paulo Championship: Final 1976 1980